Homemade Cleaners
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Homemade Recipes - Natural Remedies


Diluted White vinegar, is very good in dealing with an ear mite infection.

Try an over-the-counter remedy. One of the best ways to stop ear mites is with over-the-counter products containing pyrethrins. Made from chrysanthemums, pyrethrins are natural insecticides that are very safe to use. Just follow the instructions on the label.


(a) Cleanse with cold water and mop up as much as the liquid as possible. Spray with cider vinegar or white vinegar, drying the area as much as possible.

(b) After cleansing thoroughly, use a very strong perfume spraying a good surface area, where the cats have been urinating/soiling.

You will most probably have to retrain the cat, back to using the litter tray.

Silver Cleaner

Use a soft tooth brush and tooth paste.

Air Freshners

4 tablespoons of Sage

8 tablespoons of crumbled Bay Leaves

8 fl oz/225ml Witch Hazel

Mix all the ingredients into a jar, and leave covered in a dark place, for 3 days (not the refrigerator).

Strain out the herbs, and the remaining liquid store in a spray bottle, and use as necessary.

7oz/200g of Eucalyptus Leaves

1 3/4pints/1 Litre of Vinegar

Marinade the Eucalyptus Leaves in the Vinegar for 2 weeks, then strain of the leaves. Store the remaining liquid in a screw top jar.

To use pour some of the liquid a shallow dish, and place near to the central heating radiators.

Weedkiller - 3 simple recipes.

1. Weeds such as Dandelions can be difficult to get rid of. If you sprinkle salt right into the middle of them, they will shrivel up and die.

A brown patch will be left, but things will return to normal pretty quickly.

Best done on a dry sunny day.

2. Vinegar can also be used to kill weeds, but care must be taken not to spray other plants, or they will die too.

3. Vinegar and Orange Oil Extract, mixed together makes an even stronger weed killer.

Furniture Polish:

Simple recipe 1:

2 parts Olive Oil to 1 part Lemon Juice

Mix the ingredients together, and use as you would a comercial polish.

Simple recipe 2:

tablespoons of Olive Oil

2 tablespoons of Vinegar

Quart of Water

Mix all the ingredients together, and put in a spray bottle. Use as a comercial polish.

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Eucalyptus, mint, rosemary and lavender oil are all good bug repellents - try making up a mix and spraying a few drops onto your carpet.


Humane deterent for ANTS:

Paprika is supposed to be the best deterrent for Ants. Sprinkle a line across the ants' entryway, but be careful because it can stain when it gets wet.

Ants also dislike the herbs garlic, lavender, and pennyroyal, also a liquid preparation of ferns.

Try liberal applications of these on a regular basis, the more concentrated the better.

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