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Supreme Cat Show Oriental Show Results - 2006

Supreme Cat Show Siamese Show Results - 2006

Supreme Cat Show Cornish and Devon Rex Show Results - 2006

Supreme Cat Show Top Winners - 2006

Fife All Winners Show - Bracknell 2006

Felines Show Results

SHOW CATS - Photos of show winning show cats which attend GCCF shows. Various cats shows covered.

Cornish Rex Breed Description
Cornish Rex Coats and Allergies Cornish Rex History
Cornish Rex Hall of Fame
Cornish Rex Variants A and B Blood Groups
Indoor Outdoor cats

Advice on Breeding

Setting up as a Breeder





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Advice on purchasing that long awaited kitten.


British Shorthair Standard of Points.

Burmese standard of points.

Foreign White Standard of Points.
Photos of Longhairs (Persian, plus standard of points.

Siamese Standard of Pointsuded a link on a

Items which I think should be in a Cat's Medicine Chest.

For a list of items, please click on photo.

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Laperms Breed Description, Standard of Points and history on this newer rex breed

Oriental Hall of Fame, success at the Supreme

Selkirk Rex Breed Description, Photographs and Standard of Points

Siamese Breed Description
Siamese Hall of Fame
Siamese Greats