Siamese Cats Breed Description

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Siamese cats

Below links to Siamese pages, and photos of Siamese cats.

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chocolate point siamese, Ch Magical Mysticalman

Ch. Magical Mysticalman
Chocolate Point Siamese owner Mrs Thompson
breeder Audrey Shepherd

chocolate point siamese, Ch. Haruan Barnie Rue

Ch. Haruan Barnie Rue
Chocolate Point Siamese owner/breeder Mrs Hand

chocolate point siamese, Gr Ch Chaiross Demetrius

Gr. Ch. Chaiross Demetrius
Chocolate Point Siamese owner/breeder Mr Ross Mort-Williams

Siamese Cats

Siamese Welcome to the World of Siamese Cats

chocolate point siamese

Gr Ch Beprscrprs Shai Gai and his daughter Nephthys. Shai Gai is Audrey's new stud, and arrived from America in 2005.

Photograph - Audrey Shepard - Magical Siamese

The Siamese is an elegant cat with long legs and spoon shaped feet, and a long whippy tail.

The head is wedge shaped, with a good width between the ears, which follow the lines of the wedge, the ears are large and wide at the base.

The eyes are oriental in shape and a good strong blue.

The mask, ears, legs and tail match, and contrast with their pale bodies, they come in many colours now.

They are a very vocal cat and very people orientated, they love human company are very affectionate and love to play, they will walk on a harness and fetch a toy like a dog, they make excellent companions.

Audrey Shepherd 05/08/2004

Gr. Ch. Tabbra Bon Chance - Tabby Point Siamese
Gr. Ch. Zachary Appollo

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